HQA Line amplifier

The HQA series represent high dynamic L-Band line amplifiers with variable gain control ranges of 0...30dB or 10...40dB. It combines the corresponding 1RU/19" rack-mount chassis „HQA101C“ (single amplifier population), "HQA102C" (dual amplifier population) and "HQA104C“ (quad amplifier population) with the corresponding line amplifier modules „HQA2535M“ or „HQA3040M“. The HQA series features variable gain control, slope equalization , RF power monitoring, switchable LNB-supply, a 10MHz external reference input and 1:1 redundant dual power-supply. The units have front side LC-Display/keypads for local configuration while remote configuration is possible via its Ethernet-Interface or RS232-interface (http./WebGUI, SNMP). It is a excellent tool for compensation of passive RF distribution devices and cable loss and suited for versatile application areas (Teleports, Earth Stations, Broadcast operations...) assuring accurate RF power, highest signal stability and availability.

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