About Us

We are pleased, that you want to know more about us.


EuroMedia-Service is run by the company founder Christoph Tiede since 2007.

As System-Integrator and Value-Added Reseller of leading Manufacturers we are specialized on product sales and individual System-solutions for the markets:

  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • IPTV
  • OTT
  • SAT
  • Network Management  

We support our international customer base from our Office in Dueren, near Cologne.

  • Public TV- and Radio-Stations
  • Private TV- and Radio-Stations
  • Cable network operators and public utility companies
  • Service-provider / telco


It is our goal to offer you high-quality consulting in all phases of your project - from the analysis over the conception due to the implementation and support.

Our young and committed team of specialist guarantees you competence, innovation and creativity in all areas.

More than 10 years of successful cooperation with our customers have gained us valuable experience you can profit from.


Cross-manufacturer product and system sales

Our selection of innovative product partners makes sure, that our offered products meet todays needs and hold up to the meets of the future.

Exclusive distribution contracts with our partners ensure product knowledge and service competence on manufacturer level.

With our product range we aim for the One-Stop-Shop, to offer you the needed products for all your projects.

Whatever technical wishes and desires you have, with our flexible product partners we can find a solution - that is our advantage.


You know it, we know it: If you want to service in todays media market, you need to calculate.

We will help you to concentrate know-how and to analyze alternatives.

Our engaged and experienced sales- and service-team will be happy to give you individual advice and help you with your product selection.


Our product range includes:

  • Broadcast  -  Cable  -  IPTV  -  OTT
    • IPTV Headend – DVB-Receiver, Descambler, Multiplexer, Scrambler, Gate-Way, Edge-Modulator
    • Radio Transcoder to IP – FM, DAB+, Web-Radio
    • IPTV Router – OTT Receiver, TS-Switching, TS-Conversion
    • OTT Streaming – Multiscreen Encoder, Streaming Server
    • Video & Audio Encoder, Transcoder for DVB and OTT
    • IPTV Software – IPTV Portal, Mobile TV, Info-Channel, TV-Playout, HbbTV, Sat-2-IP, Settop Box
    • IP-TS Gateway – TS Transmission via Internet
    • SI Server – EPG, DVB-SI Data Generator


  • ​​Professional Audio
    • Audio Encoder, Decoder, Receiver, Redundancy Switch, UEPC-Processor, Delay-Processor
    • RDS Encoder, Audio Processor
    • Monitoring System – AES/EBU, MADI, Ravena, SDI, ASI, TSoIP, Ice-cast/Shout-cast, OTT Protocols


  • Cable  -  Telco  -  City Carrier
    • HFC Headend – Optical Transmitters, Optical Receivers, Optical Passives
    • HFC Equipment – Nodes, Coax-Amplifiers, Coax Passives, RF Combining-Matrix
    • HFC Transponder – HMS Transponder, Cisco Transponder, any 3rd Party Transponder
    • HFC Monitoring Gateway – HMS, SMC-Cisco, Comtech
    • Installation Meters – Docsis3.0/3.1, DVB-C, DVB-T2, DVB-S2
    • Docsis 3.1 Return Path Monitoring
    • Headend Monitoring – DVB-C, IPTV, Analogue TV & Radio
    • Bespoke Products


  • SAT
    • Modular Sat Matrix System
    • Fiber Optic – Transmitter, Receiver, Switches
    • SAT-RF Equipment – Splitter, Combiner, Passives
    • Redundancy Switches – Coax, Fiber
    • Bespoke Products


  • Monitoring  -  Analyzing
    • Transportstrom-Tools – Analyzer, Converter, Generator
    • Monitoring Equipment – DVB-C, DVB-T2, DVB-S2/SX, IPTV, DAB+ 
    • Multiviewer – Service Content Quality Monitor/Analyzer
    • Videowall – decentralized IP based
    • Dataminer Network Management Software – Broadcast Monitoring & Control
    • Dataminer Development & Customization
    • Docsis 3.1 Return Path Monitoring
    • Monitoring System – AES/EBU, MADI, Ravena, SDI, ASI, TSoIP, Ice-cast/Shout-cast, OTT Protocols


  • Software
    • Dataminer Network Management System – NMS, OSS
    • Individual Software Programming – Applications, Protocol-Conversion, Data-Base Applications, Tools, etc.


Individual Software-Development

We can do both, develop new software and adjust your already present software.

If standard-software cannot fully fulfill your operational requirements, we will develop an independent and need-based software for you.

This is how we handle software development projects:

  1. Initual consultation

We will consult you about all important system components and examine the feasibility and integration during the conception.

  1. Decisions concerning programming language and databases

We show you pros and cons of different technologies and help you to choose the best four your software.

  1. Development of a Mock-up

Before we start developing your software, we will create a mock-up to show you the functionality of your future software.

  1. Adjustment of functionality

We implement necessary changes and optimize the draft.

  1. Implementation of your software

Programming and extensive tests of your individual software.

We can use the classical approach with functional and performance specifications, as well as agile methods.



Projects are the lifeblood of modern media companies.

The extensive services offered by us are the central factor of success for an effective and efficient implementation of projects.

Each project will need an individual service package and specific know-how.

Our approach - comprehend, plan, manage, implement:

  • System-design and detail planning
  • Project-management: Monitoring, Control
  • Installation and configuration of Hardware and Software
  • System-tests and launch
  • System acceptance and documentation
  • Training or instruction
  • Maintenance & support

No matter how big and complex your projects are, we will lead them to success with competence and expertise.


Maintenance & support local and remote

The acquisition of a new Hardware or Software often is only the first step in a products lifecycle.

We are there for you, whenever you need us.

With our customer-oriented service-offers we can continue to support you even after the successful implementation of your business solution.

Our support-hotline takes care of your requests and provides help with words and deeds.

We will answer your questions about your system, support you with the use and administration and help you to find a solution if you have a problem.

You can reach our support-hotline on workdays (Mon-Fri) from 09:00 - 16:00 (CET/CEST) by telephone and email.


  • Maintenance and care

After implementing a System solution, a continued support is usual and necessary.

This includes support for users during operation as well as extensions and updates for the software, if necessary.

For external Software-development / project management, these services will be part of a service contract.


  • Support-level

Support-levels are distinguished between First-Level- and Second-Level-Support.

The First-Level-Support is your first contact point for all support requests and problem reports.

Serious problems will be forwarded to the Second-Level-Support. In case of standard-software to the product manufacturer.


  • Care and Management

The continued adjustment of a system to meet ever-changing business needs is known as "Maintenance".

Bigger adjustments will be handled by creating a new project while smaller adjustments will often be seen as Maintenance tasks with easier process rules.



Repairs, refurbishment and modifications

Protect your Hardware-investments with repairs, refurbishment and modifications.

After several years of continued use, devices and assemblies will often fail.

The most common causes for defects in circuit boards and assemblies are aging and thermal influences.

Other than with consumer electronics, a repair of high-value assemblies is often feasible.

We offer you type- and manufacturer-independent repair services, in particular for HFC- and Headend-equipment.

Our Partner COMTECH has more than 20 years or experience with repair and refurbishment of professional equipment.


Refurbishment is a term we use, when we will go beyond the normal repair process and analyze, measure and renew components of your equipment, which would likely cause a new defect of your equipment in the near future.

With the renewal, we are capable of adjusting these devices for new technical needs.

For example, the frequency range and output level of an optical node can be adjusted for modern network architectures.

Modifications like this help you to extend the use of your devices and to reduce cost intensive investments in new devices.


We will guarantee you the service, punctuality and quality you expect and will be happy to hear from you.

Phone: +49 2428 90 99 111