Driver Development

The many DataMiner functions can still be so powerful, but without suitable Device Driver, the user will not be able to take advantage of the system advantages. Therefore, the success of a Dataminer system depends crucially on the provision of Device Drivers. If the drivers are available on time and with the required features in high quality, this will have a positive effect on your Dataminer project.


As a DATAMINER PREMIUM PARTNER, EuroMedia-Service has extensive experience in the development of stable and powerful drivers. In addition, our industry and product knowledge is designed to deliver custom drivers for your application.


We develop and modify drivers:

  • suiting the application
  • on schedule
  • on budget
  • according to the Skyline Communications quality guidelines.

We can do this because recurring programming tasks, in-house developed tools and code generators are being used by us. This method helps us to program efficiently and to reduce the project risk.

Our team is DATAMINER CERTIFIED and provides maintenance and support 1st, 2nd and 3rd-level SLA.


It is also possible to let drivers, developed by us for the support, get certified by Skyline.

There are individual cooperation models for product manufacturers, system integrators and resellers.


Facts & Benefits 

  • DataMiner Premium Partner with certification
  • Development of new Device Drivers
  • Modification / Update of existing Device Drivesr
  • Date and application-oriented delivery
  • Maintenance & Support SLA
  • Programming according to Dataminer QA
  • Optional certification through Skyline Communications
  • Individual cooperation models

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DataMiner driver list


Vendor Device Description Registration ID
Anevia Genova OTT Encoder DMS-DRV-6121
AVT AD1 ETI Decoder Monitor the ETI output signal of an Ensemble Multiplexer DMS-DRV-5917
AVT SDC DAB Switch Interference-free switching of a redundant DAB multiplexer system. DMS-DRV-5918
Axon GIX010 Signal integrity monitor DMS-DRV-5826
Barix BarioNet Universal, programmable I/O device server  DMS-DRV-5828
Benning MCU Control and remote monitoring system DMS-DRV-5807
CableWorld PST Functions and services during troubleshootings in digital televison broadcasting DMS-DRV-5046
Carel Air Conditioning Air Conditioning DMS-DRV-5827
Casa Systems C100G CCAP DMS-DRV-5964
Cisco ASR Aggregation Service Router DMS-DRV-6079
Comtech MO1201 Optical Node DMS-DRV-6050
Comtech HMTS-X2 Flexible network monitoring gateway for HMS and SMC protocols DMS-DRV-4898
DEV DEV 2190 L-Band Distribution Amplifier DMS-DRV-6053
DHD Mixing Panel Mixing Panel DMS-DRV-6112
ETL VTX-10 Compact form factor, for mission critical applications, with redundant, hot-swap active components DMS-DRV-5742
EuroMedia RelayCaster Link Manager Application DMS-DRV-5368
EuroMedia Element Restarter Restarts all Elements with 1 second delay  
EuroMedia RFGW Backup Allows for RFGW Configuration Backups to be Sheduled  
Fraunhofer Content Server DAB+ content server DMS-DRV-5919
GiaX HelEOS Modem and switch technology  DMS-DRV-5916
GMIT Prismon Multiviewer system DMS-DRV-5303
GMIT RelayCaster Video over internet DMS-DRV-5330
Gsertel RCS Monitoring system DMS-DRV-5047
Gude EPC8 Switching and current measurement of electrical devices via a TCP/IP network or a serial connection  
Honeywell CPO Series BACnet-compliant HVAC room controller offering comprehensive installation advantages DMS-DRV-5741
Infinera DNA-M Multi-layer Service and Network Management Tool for Packet-Optical Networks DMS-DRV-5829
Infinera Cloud-Xpress Data Center Interconnect DMS-DRV-6080
Janitza Electronics 96RM-E Multimeter DMS-DRV-6113
Kathrein Transponder HFC-BK2K2 DMS-DRV-5048
Kvarta DVB Monitor M1 DVB Monitor DMS-DRV-6052
Raritan EMX2-888 Enviromental Monitoring Controller DMS-DRV-5869
RF Design SA3B L-Band switch 1:16 DMS-DRV-6016
Riello UPS UPS DMS-DRV-5795
WISI Tangram Video Platform DMS-DRV-6054


Your DataMiner driver ist missing? No problem, we can develope custom driver! Call us at +49 2428 90 99 111.