Repairs, refurbishment and modifications

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Repairs, refurbishment and modifications

Equipment services

We offer, in cooperation with our partner Comtech, professional execution of repairs, modifications and refurbishment. We take care that your defective equipment will run smoothly and be operational as soon as possible. Technical faults will be recognized and identified.

The features of your device will be modified according to your needs and damaged parts will be exchanged.




Equipment groups and assembly groups will fail after a couple of years in continuous use. The most common reasons for defects on circuit boards and assembly groups are aging and thermal influences. Other than with consumer electronics, it's worth it to repair high quality assembly groups.

We offer you type and brand independent repair services, especially für HFC- and Headend equipment.



Beyond conventional repair measures, we are doing analysis, measurements and further renewals. By doing this, the serviceable life of the device will be extended and expensive new investments can be reduced.

For example: exchange of electrolytic capacitor in power supplies.




We can modify your device according to technical requirements and change the device features.

For example: An optical node can be adapted in the frequency range and output level for modern network architectures.



If you have special requests or problems, in conjunction with our services you will get the best service. Use our offered service and contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.




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