ComMon Management Software

ComMon Management Software

The COMTECH ComMon version 4.0 is a modern and scalable element management system (EMS) optimized for CATV networks. This software is able to manage all types of SNMP based standard solutions, and the systems using the extremely robust COMTECH special protocol as well. This gives the freedom for using the most popular EMS technologies even mixed at the same time. The new version provides further a fully web based universal client side GUI, which can be used on all types of smart devices thanks to it's responsive operation. Beyond the remote measurements and remote controlling of the devices the following features are available for facilitating
management of Your network:

  • Database for all the measured variables for making historical statistics.
  • Flexible graphical depiction in the time domain for easy failure predictions.
  • Two views for the network structure: one for representing the real cable connections between the devices, and one for the logical relations between the network elements and the headend terminating units.
  • E-Mail alert system for instantaneous coverage of the maintenance technicians and/or network managers about malfunctions.
  • Possibility for placing non-managed symbolic devices (splitters, couplers, house amplifiers) in the structure for the best modelling of the real network.
  • Possibility for organizing device groups for representing headends as discrete structured units.
  • One-click statistics about the device types, states and firmware versions for reviewing the network health at a glance.
  • Summarized statistics of the ingress control switches for speeding up failure localisations in case of the COMTECH automatic ingress control system (RSW).
  • Automatic firmware download for keeping the network in the most up-to-date status.

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