CW-463x CW-464x DVB-T-T2-C Receiver

CW-463x CW-464x DVB-T-T2-C Receiver

CableWorld’s latest receivers are available in several versions to meet user demand. The fully equipped 19–inch rack contains six tuners that are capable of receiving DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C signals and four CI slots (Conditional Access Module receivers) that may be already known from the previous devices. The CI slots are available only for the first four tuners, the fifth and sixth ones are reserved for the free-to-air programs. The output streams are available through both ASI and IP outputs.

Setting up the device is very simple: in automatic mode on the web interface only the frequency and bandwidth need to be set among the reception parameters. After a successful tuning detailed modulation parameters are shown and the reception parameters is
also given (such as: input signal level, signal quality, signal to noise ratio, etc..).
The settings of CAMs plugged in the CI slots can be queried and modified. With one module several encrypted programs can be decrypted simultaneously. In order to decrease the output data rate the unwanted encrypted programs can be filtered.
The outgoing data streams can be transmitted towards 4 destinations with unicast or multicast addressing. Additionally, they can be VLAN tagged and therefore delivered to different providers’ network.
The output signals are multi-program transport streams, however the device can provide single-program transport streams as well.


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