Direkt Link Encoder

Direkt Link Encoder

Direkt links send video streams that many different receivers can show, including:

  • Intinors own receivers, mostly for cable TV or TV channel control rooms
  • Streaming servers for web TV
  • digital-TV-box for IP-TV
  • PC with software VLC (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Receivers from other manufactures

Flexible and versatile

The Intinor Direkt link is offered in a range of models that can be tailored to the needs of each customer using add-on features and individual adaptations. This way Direkt link is flexible as well as versatile while retaining the simple handling characteristics.


How it works

Video from a camera or video mixer is connected to the Direkt link. Compressed video streams are broadcasted to one or more receivers. The configuration can be adjusted using the display and keypad on the encoder or from a web-interface. The interface offers the possibility to build profiles for each place of broadcast. Each profile contains network, destination and video-quality controls. The Direkt link can also store a broadcast on a USB stick. The recorded material can be used for on-demand video or be copied to a DVD.

Additional product information

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