Tangram GT 01 W Chassis

Tangram GT 01 W Chassis

The TANGRAM platform is a very highly customizable and offers advanced DVB stream processing in a small footprint 1RU chassis concept. The TANGRAM chassis can fit up to 6 modules on the backside and 1 module on the front panel.

The TANGRAM chassis GT01W0230 comes with one 230 V AC power supply, with an embedded switch on the backplane (GT01W, GT11) and a hot swappable fan tray. The GT01W is a carrier grade chassis and supports a fully redundant concept (1+1, n+1). The WISI TANGRAM video platform is a high-density digital TV headend for contribution of digital TV via IP networks and end-to-end IPTV solutions such as video-on-demand, connected TV and OTT (Over The Top) or Web TV.

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