Hexylon - portable meter

With Hexylon network operators, broadcasters and broadcast technicians have a tool to measure, analyse and diagnose radio and TV signals in any scenario, no matter how complex. All in the most automatic and intuitive way in the market.

Hexylon establishes a new concept of usability in measurement instrumentation, where the content becomes the interface, and everything flows intuitively through naturalness in the gestural commands. Elements react to user actions the way he expected, making such a complete tool has never been used before in such a simple way.

Its ultra-fast spectrum analyser, together with its high resolution and proprietary features such as the new PDP v2 (Path Delay Profile) for echoes analysis, allows to visualize any important aspect of the signal that can be hidden. With new concepts such as “1 click scalability” (possibility of incorporating new features through the Internet) and "always ON life battery" (separately replaceable and rechargeable battery). With Hexylon investment is guaranteed.

Hexylon incorporates a remote user repository in the cloud where you can get free updates, measures downloads, new channel plans, etc. so that the operator may have available for free its fleet of equipment and installers.

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