PolyCaster NG

PolyCaster NG

PolyCaster™ offers optimized streaming servers for high-performance HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to client devices. PolyCaster™ is available as turn-key 19-inch rack mountable server appliance or as software-only version.

PolyCaster™ supports HLS with standard-compliant audio/video formats (AVC/H.264 and AAC) but also non-standard-compliant combinations of audio/video formats (such as original MPEG-2 Video and MPEG audio, or AVC/H.264 with Dolby Digital audio as received from DVB).

PolyCaster™ allows for securing live streams with HLS-AES encryption including key rotation. PolyCaster™ offers additional features, such as an IP filter (black-list/white-list) and a geographical IP filter for regional blocking of streams, an account filter (user name and password), and a token-based authentication mechanism to secure access to streams. 

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