SNMP-DIA for DataMiner

SNMP-Dia (Device Integration Assistent) allows DataMiner User to produce SNMP-Driver fast and easy.

The from us produces DataMiner Integration Tool for SNMP v1/v2 devices is so designed that System-Administrators and Technician are able to create driver. Software-Developer skills and developing tools are not necessary.

The SNMP-DIA User-Interface is easy to handle and leads the customer intuitive quickly to the desired result.

With a few work steps is the new driver created or modifications have been made.

This advantage in time is good for the startup operation of new SNMP drivers and driver updates in your DataMiner system.

Selfmade SNMP-Driver reduce the acquisition- and SLA costs as opposed to original driver licenses.


3 Steps to your own SNMP Driver for DataMiner

Step 1: Import MIB in SNMP-DIA

One or more MIB will be imported and proved for SNMP-conformity.

Existing MIB mistakes will be recognized and displayed.

SNMP-DIA_Schritt_1 SNMP-DIA_Schritt_1.2SNMP-DIA_Schritt_1.3


Step 2: Make Driver User-Interface and Parameter

The wanted OID will be pulled in the Driver GUI with ,,Drag and Drop´´.

The representation of the Driver Parameter and DataMiner specific settings will be GUI propped defined.

SNMP-DIA_Schritt_2   SNMP-DIA_Schritt_2.2


Step 3: Generate DataMiner Driver-File

At the menu item ,,Export Dataminer XML´´ in File-menu is the corresponding DataMiner ,,Protocol.xml´´ generated and the Driver is ready for the installation in DataMiner.

SNMP-DIA_Schritt_3  SNMP-DIA_Schritt_3.3


Rosa NMS Device Driver convert to DataMiner Device Driver

SNMP-DIA relieves the switching from ROSA NMS to DataMiner by doing the conversion from ROSA SNMP Driver in DataMiner SNMP Driver.

It's that simple:

Step 1: Load in the Rosa xx.DIO and the SNMP MIB with the import functions.

Step 2: Modulate needed Driver adaptations

Step 3: Generate Dataminer XML

DataMiner SNMP Device Driver is ready


SNMP-DIA is independent from DataMiner

SNMP-DIa is a stand-alone JAVA-FX based Software application. This base enables the installation on any Windows- and Linux- operating systems. There are no dependencies between SNMP-DIA and DataMiner. The construction of DataMiner Driver happens offline from DataMiner Agent (DMA). 

Created Driver are able to be installed on as many DMA as you want.


Basic License model

SNMP-DIA will be available as a single-user-license per Computer. The license has a term of 12 months. Software service and support for SNMP-DIA is enclosed in the price.

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