SNMP Device Integration Assistant

SNMP-DIA offers every DataMiner user the possibility to generate their own device driver. Our tool simplifies the integration of all SNMP based devices from any manufacturer. The simple operation ensures that even non-developers can quick and easy create their own device drivers.


You can achieve this with SNMP-DIA..

  • Integration of devices with SNMP protocol in DataMiner

  • Create and modify your own Device Driver

  • Configure individual driver structure

  • Driver matched to your own workflow




SNMP DIA Screenshot


With the SNMP-DIA you are able to generate category 1 and 2 device drivers yourself. The SNMP protocol and just a few clicks are sufficient to create any number of device drivers. So, the user can select the individual parameters himself and create his own driver GUI. The simple Drag & Drop operation ensures that no developer knowledge is required. Device drivers can be created and adjustments made in no time at all. DataMiner projects will be completed even faster and more profitably due to this time saving.

Your complete operational system will be used more efficient and intelligent.       


Facts and Benefits

  • Simple and intuitive Drag & Drop operations

  • No developer knowledge needed

  • Fast solutions for DataMiner integration

  • Highest quality through code generator  

  • Individual driver GUI 

  • Cost reduction of license fees

  • Integration of any devices and manufacturers

  • Create unlimited number of device drivers










In just 4 Steps: